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10 Beautiful Fonts for Your Website

May 29, 2014 5 Comments

I’ve been obsessed with typography my whole life. These are 10 of my favorite web fonts and the links to download them.

Benton Sans


Proxima Nova









Zeke Camusio

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Zeke Camusio is a serial entrepreneur, marketing speaker, author of The Internet Marketing Bible and CEO of Digital Aptitude, a data-driven digital marketing agency in Portland, Oregon.

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5 thoughts on “10 Beautiful Fonts for Your Website

    1. They are great – but are they “websafe”? In other words, will they appear that way on other people’s computers as text in a site (which is preferable to an image which is not searchable).

  1. Thanks for the suggestions. We’ve used Ubuntu, Lato, Museo, Futura and Avenir and loved them, but we’re always looking for different options. I’ve just added Proxima Nova and Open Sans to my list of fonts to try.

    Price and licensing are always concerns for us. I have a subscription to, which works great. I noticed that Benton Sans, however, isn’t included in their Web Fonts subscription, and it is not an inexpensive font to purchase. Also FYI the license for Delicious indicates that you may use it in a font-face declaration only if a “readable link to my homepage is put on every page where this font is used.”

    I really like fonts with a wide range of weights to choose from. My recent favorite classic sans serif web fonts, all on, include:
    – Linotype Ergo and Linotype Syntax, both optimized for web
    – Foundry Sans
    – Myriad, Adobe’s class sans serif
    – Frutiger Next

    And if you’re looking for something a little more fun and sassy, consider Bree and/or Bree Serif.


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