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Are Your AdWords Campaigns Neglecting Negative Keywords?

December 22, 2014 2 Comments

Want your AdWords campaign to earn more while spending less? Cue negative keywords. You (hopefully) know what they are, but are you giving them the time they deserve within your AdWords campaigns? Overlooking negative keywords can significantly deteriorate performance. Why? Let’s use an example. Say you are selling beautiful, fancy, elegant birdhouses and spend a lot of time constructing the perfect list Read More »

Win/Win Blueprint for Clients & Agencies

April 2, 2014 0 Comments

Quick Navigation Introduction Marketing Channel Collaboration Social Media Search Engine Optimization Link Building Communication INTRODUCTION We work with a wide variety of clients. Every client is different; every client has individual needs and areas they want addressed. While goals, timelines and deliverables are discussed with every client at the beginning of a campaign (as well as monthly and quarterly), there’s always more Read More »

Quick Guide to Google In-Depth Articles

February 25, 2014 2 Comments

In-depth articles have surfaced during several client conversations over the past couple of months. For others who may be curious, here’s a guide to get you started. On August 6, 2013, Google announced the release of in-depth articles in search results. Research suggests that up to 10% of users’ daily information needs involve learning about a broad topic…” Having been live now Read More »

Die, Guest Blogging, Die

January 21, 2014 0 Comments

Yesterday, Matt Cutts foreshadowed the inevitable doomsday of guest blogging as a link-building tactic: The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO At first, the post didn’t make clear that Matt was referring to doing guest blogging for SEO purposes, which in turn caused some mild frustration and confusion (both on Twitter and within the article’s comments). The title has since Read More »

11 WordPress Techniques for Pretty Posts that Pack a Punch

October 17, 2013 1 Comments

Are your blog posts ready for prime time? You can write an outstanding piece of content, but if your post is ugly, poorly spaced and awkwardly formatted, it won’t get read. Or shared. Or bookmarked. Or linked. There are exceptions, of course, but why take that chance?   This article assumes two things: 1. You’re unable (or prefer not) to update your Read More »

7 Reasons Your Website’s Traffic Has Plateaued

September 20, 2013 3 Comments

A lot of companies, small businesses and individuals do a great job of establishing their site, putting up some content and relishing that first taste of success. Unfortunately, it often stops there. Traffic plateaus and the initial excitement of new traffic quickly turns to worry about why traffic is no longer increasing. These companies, small businesses and individuals will continue to plug Read More »

13 Pre-Launch Essentials for Your New Website

August 29, 2013 7 Comments

Launching a new website can be stressful. There are many things to take into consideration and it’s common to forget several easy-to-implement, high-impact items. If you want your new website to soar, it’s important you have everything dialed in from the get-go. Use the following as a sort of “new website checklist” prior to launch: 1. Install Analytics It doesn’t have to Read More »

2013 Google+ Local Ranking Factors

July 3, 2013 0 Comments

There are hundreds of factors that determine the rank of your Google+ Local listing. In fact, you can view many of them in extreme detail. For now, let’s focus on several actionable items for multiple “optimization” categories. At the end, you will have a handful of ideas to implement. Accuracy Is your listing 100% accurate? Does your listing have Name, Address, Phone Read More »

Is Your Business Neglecting Google+ Local Reviews?

June 25, 2013 0 Comments

People love reviews. Reviews are powerful. Reviews can be the difference between purchasing from one store over another or eating at a new restaurant instead of going to Chipotle for the thousandth time (though it is delicious). How many of you have not gone to a store, movie or restaurant because of poor or nonexistent reviews you saw (or didn’t see) on Read More »

12 Easy Ways to Improve Content and Link Building

May 22, 2013 5 Comments

Let’s cut to the chase. In order to gain meaningful links, you must change your mindset. Stop Searching for Loopholes and Shortcuts If your strategy still consists of link wheels, fake profiles on high-PR sites, comment spam with anchor text linking back to your site, spun content and too-good-to-be-true fiverr purchases, please stop. Assuming your site hasn’t already suffered repercussions, Google’s ban Read More »