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Forget Everything You Know About SEO (And Read This)

January 17, 2013 9 Comments

Google changed their algorithm so much since early 2012 that the SEO game has changed completely. In this post, I’ll explain how SEO is different now from what it was a year ago, and tell you what you need to do to be more visible on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Implement Tagging Search engines are pretty good at indexing your website Read More »

4 Unconventional Ways to Get Traffic from Facebook

January 8, 2013 3 Comments

Internet marketing is an ever-changing field. Every day there are new tools, new tactics and new ways to promote your business. These are some ideas to help you get more quality traffic to your website. Create “Shareable” Posts It’s already 2013, so I hope that by now you have social sharing buttons like these ones on every page of your website:   Read More »

Want More Sales? Make It Easy to Buy from You

January 3, 2013 0 Comments

What do Apple and Amazon have in common? They both make it very easy for us to buy from them. Apple allows you to buy your favorite music with just one click: You can buy and listen to songs directly from your iPhone. You don’t need to transfer your music from your computer to your music player anymore. Not only that, but Read More »

Digital Aptitude TV: How to Promote Your Company on Pinterest

December 27, 2012 0 Comments

Here are some things you should know about Pinterest: With 107 million users, Pinterest is the third largest social media site (after Facebook and Twitter.) Pinterest traffic generates 21% more revenue than Facebook and Twitter traffic. Join us for our third episode of Digital Aptitude TV on Wednesday, January 9th from 1pm to 2pm Pacific time. This is what you’re going to Read More »

Why Losing is the Path to Winning

December 18, 2012 4 Comments

One of my best friends is not particularly good-looking, but he’s always dating really attractive women. I wanted to know what his secret was, so I asked him. He said “I talk to a lot of women. Most of them are not into me, but some are.” I then asked him if all those rejections made him feel bad. I’ll never forget Read More »

How to Kick Ass at Customer Service

December 13, 2012 3 Comments

Consider these two facts: An unhappy customer tells 20 people about a negative experience with your company. When a company solves a customer problem, that customer is five times more likely to buy from that company again and recommend them to their friends. In other words, great customer service is the cheapest and most effective way to grow your business. Here’s another Read More »

Don't be so Hard on Yourself

December 6, 2012 2 Comments

The CEO of a marketing agency I met with last week asked me a really good question: “what do you attribute your highest achievements in life to?” I had to think about the answer for a few seconds, then I said “self-confidence.” I explained to him how when I didn’t believe in myself I couldn’t accomplish much at all, but when I Read More »

4 Cool Tools to Develop Creative Content

December 4, 2012 3 Comments

Pretty much every company is blogging these days. One of the best ways to differentiate from your other blogs in your industry is by making your content more visually appealing. These are some cool tools that will help you with that. Strip Generator This awesome comic generator will blow your mind. It’s very easy to use and you can create a great-looking Read More »

Why Obsessing Over Getting Things Done is a Terrible Idea

November 29, 2012 2 Comments

For many years I’ve operated my business the same way: working very hard and trying to get as much done as possible. But for some reason I wasn’t very successful and I definitely wasn’t happy. I’m like a little kid: I like asking “why?” a lot. Especially when things aren’t working out. There had to be a better way.   The Advice Read More »

Why Your Negative Emotions Are Actually Good for You

November 27, 2012 4 Comments

Entrepreneurs love talking about all their victories: the new clients they sign up, the one day their website got 100,000 hits and that superstar employee they just hired. You don’t hear many entrepreneurs talking about the clients they lose or their bad hires so much. But we all know that we all have bad days and sometimes, whether on not is work-related, Read More »