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10 Lessons I Learned in My First 10 Years in Business

May 14, 2012 0 Comments

Last week The Outsourcing Company turned 10 years old. We’re doing really well now but we’ve made every mistake in the book. These are the 10 most valuable lessons I learned in the last 10 years. #1: Always Do the Right Thing There will be times when you’ll have to choose between making some money or doing the right thing. Sometimes you Read More »

8 Tips For Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

March 20, 2012 3 Comments

Whether you’re in sales, run your own business, or have an idea for a killer start-up, mastering the 90-second “elevator pitch” should be at the top of your to-do list. Here are some tips for presenting your message quickly and efficiently. Don’t try to close. The purpose of the 90-second pitch is simply to generate enough interest in your product or service Read More »

What Robots Can Teach You About Business

March 14, 2012 7 Comments

I used to be a robot. You know what I’m talking about: I used to be all about getting done as much as possible, as fast as possible. Sounds really productive, right? Well, it’s not. Here’s why: Reason #1: Robots Don’t Understand that Different People Have Different Motivations Last week I made a list of 12 different motivation factors and asked my Read More »

How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

February 9, 2012 1 Comments

If you sell high-ticket B2B products or services, your sales cycle is probably a few months, or even a few years. So, how do you shorten it? Here are some ideas. Decrease the Perceived Risk of Doing Business with You Every decision has some risk involved, but there’s a lot you can do to decrease this perceived risk: Show your potential clients Read More »

Wanna Be Happier? Do This

January 31, 2012 1 Comments

Buddhists talk about the difference between wanting something and clinging to it. Wanting things is good; without desire we would be dead. Clinging to those things, however, can be very harmful. Let me explain this with an example so you can understand the difference between wanting something and being attached to its outcome. A Good Example Wanting to be promoted isn’t bad, Read More »

HOT: 7 Proven Ways to Grow Your Business in 2012

January 25, 2012 3 Comments

Be Where Your Customers Are Don’t do whatever is “hot” now. Different experts recommend different (sometimes opposed) tactics. Think about this: “gurus” don’t know more than you; they’re just better at marketing themselves and positioning themselves as experts. If you’re a mildly successful small business owner, you’re making more money than 85% of the “gurus” out there. Instead of blindly doing what Read More »

3 Simple Ways to Be Even More Successful

January 18, 2012 1 Comments

Idea #1: Don’t Avoid Conflict Trying to avoid conflict is part of being human. However, conflict is a good thing. Conflict is standing up for yourself and saying, “I won’t put up with this anymore.” Tell your boss, partner and spouse how you really feel about them. Conflict will arise. When a conflict is resolved, then your relationship with that person will Read More »

The Benefits of Being Reactive Instead of Proactive

January 12, 2012 2 Comments

Mark Twain famously said, “I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” Psychologists call worry the “What If Disease” because people who suffer it are always wondering “What If…?” “What if my flight gets cancelled?” “What if I get laid off?” “What if this sale doesn’t close?” One day, in my meditations, Read More »

How to Approach Successful People

January 10, 2012 7 Comments

In my experience, the best way to grow a business is through strategic alliances. Let me give you a few examples: If you make toys for kids you should get Toys R Us to carry your products. If you’re a wedding photographer, every wedding planner in your town should know who you are and be familiar with your work. The thing is, Read More »

The Only Effective Way to Persuade People

January 5, 2012 2 Comments

I’ve read a few persuasion books and, in my opinion, they all have the wrong idea about what persuasion is. Persuading doesn’t mean manipulating someone into doing what you want. If you do this, you might get what you want once but you’ll be burning bridges left and right until nobody trusts you again. Persuading means showing people the benefit of choosing Read More »