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Article Marketing on Steroids

January 4, 2010 5 Comments

Every time a new “guru” says that article marketing doesn’t work anymore, I laugh. But I don’t laugh out loud. I laugh quietly because I like them thinking it doesn’t work. That means less competition for us and our clients. The old “article marketing formula” (posting articles to as many article directories as possible and hoping for the best) doesn’t work as Read More »

How to Use NicheWatch to Skyrocket Your SEO

December 29, 2009 3 Comments

Doing SEO without doing a competitive analysis is like trying to fix a car without knowing what’s broken: you’re likely to fix what’s working and you won’t fix what’s broken. A competitive analysis is crucial to understand WHY your competitors are outranking you. Once you understand the “why” you know what you need to do to revert the situation. NicheWatch is a Read More »

My #1 Link Building Tactic

December 28, 2009 4 Comments

I use several link building tactics, but there’s one that I prefer over all the others. This is how it works: I Make a List of Sites that Link to My Competitors First of all, this is what I mean by competitors: the top 10 ranking sites on Google for the keywords I want to go after. I don’t care if they’re Read More »

Fast SEO Results: How to Speed Up an SEO Campaign

December 4, 2009 5 Comments

SEO rocks and sucks at the same time. It rocks because if you choose the right keywords (relevant, action-oriented and with high search volume) and make it to the top, you don’t ever need to do any marketing again. Most companies I know that are at the top of Google get more clients that they can handle and even have waiting lists Read More »

How to Calculate Local Search Volume

November 30, 2009 4 Comments

Google Keyword Tool is great to figure out how many people are searching for a keyword. The only problem is, if you offering catering services in the LA area, you can only serve your local market, and it doesn’t matter how many people are searching for “catering services” in New York or Miami. So, how can you calculate how many people in Read More »

Odds and Ends: 10 Quick and Dirty SEO Tricks

November 10, 2009 2 Comments

Here’s a check list of odds and ends from the SEO handbook. Often we come across websites that miss a lot of traffic because of a few minor tweaks that wouldn’t take more than a few minutes each. Here’s a quick list of some of our favorite tools and tricks to help you make the most of your site. 1. Social Media Read More »

Push vs. Pull: The Politics of Marketing Online

October 20, 2009 0 Comments

Two exiting new technology products launched this week and took very different approaches to marketing. Windows 7 is the long awaited new operating system from Microsoft. Because Vista, the previous operating system was a complete mess, Microsoft really wanted to hit it out of the park with Windows 7. Cute is the New Black They launched a TV ad campaign with Kylie, Read More »

Building a Link Building Roadmap: A Great Tool to Find Incoming Links

September 14, 2009 2 Comments

One of the most important criteria for search engines to find your site is number of quality incoming links. We know that incoming links are essential to your SEO campaign, but often it is hard to know exactly which links to go after. If you’re just trying to build links in the dark, you’re going to waste an awful lot of time Read More »

Just Say No to Sleazy: Ethical Behavior Online is Rewarded

September 4, 2009 3 Comments

Nearly 20 percent of the graduating class have signed “The M.B.A. Oath,” a voluntary student-led pledge that the goal of a business manager is to “serve the greater good. – From the New York Times article A Promise to Be Ethical in an Era of Immorality This article made us snicker. Nearly 20%? Wow, that’s almost 1 in 5 Harvard Business School Read More »

What It Takes to Be #1 in SEO – How to Outrank Your Competition

August 24, 2009 5 Comments

SEO isn’t rocket science but you do need to have an arsenal of tools if you want to outrank your competition. You want to focus on these key areas when it comes to SEO. If you can beat out competitors in the following areas, you have a 90% chance of outranking them in the search engines. • Indexed pages • Incoming links Read More »