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10 Very Creative Facebook Covers

August 30, 2012 4 Comments

When people visit your Facebook page, the first thing they see is your cover. This means that you need a great cover to get their attention and get them to stay on your page and engage with it. These are some of my favorite Facebook covers. Can you find Waldo in this picture? How about using a high-resolution picture to showcase your Read More »

Content Marketing Video Tutorial

August 23, 2012 1 Comments

Last Tuesday I did a webinar on content marketing. We had 145 people on the call and I’ve never gotten so much great feedback from a webinar before. People really loved it. Here are the recording and the slides in case you missed the webinar.  

4 Features To Optimize Your Facebook Content Strategy

August 9, 2012 5 Comments

It’s a beautiful day in the world of social media marketing. Your content strategy just got easier and your brand just became more engaging. If you are using Facebook as the heavy hitter platform to carry your content strategy, there is always a need to optimize content posts. Whether you are a beginner in the game or a social marketing guru, these Read More »

7 Free Social Media Tools You Should Know About

July 5, 2012 2 Comments

Social media can be very time consuming… unless you have the right tools. These are some of the best free tools we use. Topsy Topsy shows you the hottest topics in any niche you want. It’s a priceless resource to research content ideas. You should stop guessing what type of content you should create and check out what’s already working for others. Read More »

10 Great Social Media Tools You Didn't Know About

June 28, 2012 4 Comments

These are 10 awesome social media tools we use to spy on competitors, promote content and get more traffic. Facebook Subscribe Did you know that you can allow people to subscribe to your feeds without becoming friends with you? This is especially helpful for people who have reached 5,000 friends (Facebook’s limit). To enable this feature go to Account Settings > Subscribers Read More »

YouTube Marketing Tutorial

June 12, 2012 0 Comments

In this short video I’ll show you some awesome tricks and tools to produce great videos and put them in front of the right audience using YouTube. This is what you’ll learn from this video: The equipment and tools you need to produce great-looking videos A great way to combine two very powerful tools to find the hottest topics in your industry Read More »

Outreach Marketing: How to Influence Influencers

June 7, 2012 0 Comments

Imagine having the most influential people and bloggers in your industry spreading the word about your content. How powerful would that be? Outreach marketing is the art of building relationships with influencers in your space and have them help you spread the word about your content. The problem is that most people have no idea how to do outreach marketing; they send Read More »

15 Free Tools to Create Awesome Content

May 24, 2012 3 Comments

Blogging is so 2011! Everybody is blogging these days, so if you want your content to stand out you need to start creating some rich-media content. These are some free and easy-to-use tools that I’m sure you’ll love. Jing Jing is a free screen recording software. It’s ideal to create video demos and to turn PowerPoint presentations into awesome videos. Tools to Read More »

How to Spy on Your Competitors' Content

May 22, 2012 0 Comments

In this post I’ll show three ways to “spy” on your competitors to find out what’s the most popular content on their sites. Tactic #1: Facebook Recommendations Tool Go to this website and enter your competitor’s URL in the “Domain” field as shown in the picture. Facebook’s Recommendation Tool will show you their most popular content. Make sure you change the “Height” Read More »

Facebook Marketing Video Tutorial

May 8, 2012 0 Comments

Last week I did a webinar on Facebook marketing. We had 350 attendees and I got dozens of emails from people who really enjoyed it. The problem was that we tried to record the session for the people who couldn’t make it, but the recording file was corrupt. So, I decided to record it again. Here you go; I hope you like Read More »