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Using LinkedIn to Become a Baller (AKA Thought Leader)

April 26, 2012 3 Comments

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, read this post. Immediately! Are you an expert in your industry? Are you in sales? Are you in marketing? Are you a CEO? Are you a VP? Do you rely on leads and connections to be successful? Do you operate an industry specific blog? Do you develop products? Are you trying to maintain Read More »

12 Proven Ways to Promote Your Company on Pinterest

March 27, 2012 1 Comments

It looks like Pinterest came out of nowhere, but it’s the third fastest-growing site in the US and it’s getting our clients tens of thousands of visitors a month. So, I figured I’d share with you how you can use Pinterest to promote your business. 3 Ways to Get Followers on Pinterest Install the Pinterest Button on your site and blog to Read More »

5 Ways to Win With Facebook Timeline

March 23, 2012 5 Comments

There has been mixed reviews of Facebook’s Timeline for brand pages. While the upgrade adds some new functionality for content distribution, many marketers are still complaining. In essence, the Timeline forces community managers to have an actual content strategy. Before, it was as simple as slapping a fan gate or default page with some cheesy offer to generate fans. Was this really Read More »

5 Ways Facebook Will Get You Fired

March 9, 2012 20 Comments

1. Talking About Sex Unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw, Dr. Ruth, or some similar, more current cultural reference (paging Dr. Kinsey), you should not talk about sex on Facebook, especially if you have co-workers, industry associates or potential clients on your friends list. Not sure if the wrong person will see it? See rule #5. When in doubt, save it for Happy Hour…with Read More »

How to Come Up with Great Ideas for Blog Posts

February 28, 2012 7 Comments

Do you want to find out how you can come up with great ideas for your blog posts? Check out these tips. Soovle Soovle is an amazing tool that suggests topics based on a keyword. You’re gonna love it! Go ahead and try it; enter a keyword a see what happens. AllTop AllTop is a news aggregator that shows you the most Read More »

Twitter Marketing: 12 Ways to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business

October 25, 2011 14 Comments

Monitor Your Name, Brand and Keywords Use the search feature to find out who’s talking about your and your products. Re-Tweet Re-tweeting is the equivalent of email forwarding. When someone tweets about something you find interesting, re-tweet it so your followers can benefit from it too. Plus, when you re-tweet other people’s content, they notice you and want to learn who you Read More »

Facebook Marketing: 7 Ways to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

October 20, 2011 8 Comments

Use the Groups Find a group that interests you. Share stuff with them (blog posts, articles, videos, links, etc.) Use the Events You can turn everything into an event: Specials Seminars/webinars Contests The best part is that once you create an event, you can invite all your list with just a few clicks, which will save you a lot of time. Use Read More »

LinkedIn Marketing – 7 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

October 18, 2011 5 Comments

Start Discussions Search for groups and join them. Wait for the group admins to approve your request. Once your request is approved, start a discussion. You can post articles, questions or whatever you want. This is a great way to connect with a lot of people. Share News Join groups and wait to be approved. Once you’re in, click on Submit News. Read More »

YouTube Marketing – 10 Ways to Use YouTube to Grow Your Company

October 13, 2011 10 Comments

So many people are afraid of videos! Well, you shouldn’t be. Here’s why: most videos that make it big are NOT professional productions. They’re just a guy -or a girl- who gets in front of a camera and talks about what he/she knows best. You don’t need expensive equipment or a professional studio. These are my top 10 favorite tips to grow Read More »

7 Tips for Effective Networking

October 11, 2011 2 Comments

Start Networking When You Don’t Need To Most people start networking when they need something. This is the worst time because you’ll tend to ask people for things, and networking is all about giving, not asking. If you don’t “need” more connections now, start working on getting some! Use Social Media to Learn More About Your Connections Last week I met with Read More »