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The 3-Step System to Finding Clients Online in Less than 24 Hours

January 12, 2010 7 Comments

Social Media Marketing is as easy as 1-2-3: Figure out who your target audience is. Find them online. Connect with them. Most people are good at figuring out who their target audience is (#1) and have good people skills to manage relationships successfully (#3). They only struggle at finding their target audience (#2). The good news is that finding your target audience Read More »

Get More Twitter Followers, Facebook Friends and LinkedIn Connections

January 11, 2010 8 Comments

Using Twitter Search Use FlashTweet to find people talking about your topic (use the keyword “wine” if you sell wine, “link building” if you offer link building services, etc.) FlashTweet has a great video that explains how to use their service. Follow the people you find (FlashTweet can auto-follow all these people for you). Unfollow people who don’t follow you back within Read More »

How to Create Killer Content

January 5, 2010 5 Comments

Tip #1: Don’t Stuff Keywords All Over the Place Just don’t. It looks awful and your readers won’t appreciate it. It’s OK if you want to put your keywords here and there (whenever it makes sense) but don’t overdo it. Your goal is to get buyers, not just visitors. You’ll repel your visitors if all they see on your website is keywords. Read More »

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Social Media

December 21, 2009 2 Comments

TweetMeme TweetMeme is a great way to use social proof on your blog. It shows how many people re-tweeted your post. Sexy Bookmarks In my opinion, the best way to get people to share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg and 35 other social networking and social bookmarking sites. Add to Any A great way to allow people to subscribe to Read More »

3 Killer Social Media Marketing Tactics

December 18, 2009 1 Comments

Tactic #1: Find Out Who’s Talking About You and Your Product and Engage in the Conversation Set up BuzzStream with your name and keywords (e.g. “back pain”, “natural healing”, etc.) You’ll get alerts every time someone talks about you or the stuff you offer. Go there and engage in the conversation. This tactic rocks! You find people who need what you have Read More »

One of the Locals: How to Improve Your Local Search Rankings

October 27, 2009 1 Comments

Many businesses aren’t global by definition. Realtors, Chiropractors, Insurance agents, Restaurants, Hair Stylists, and many other local service providers count on local traffic for their business. It used to be very hard for local businesses to compete with global search giants, Pottery Barn would beat out any local furniture store, and what restaurant could compete with Olive Garden. Luckily, the search engines Read More »

Sharing is Caring: You Can Learn a lot from a Frivolous Lawsuit

October 26, 2009 0 Comments

So Viacom is suing YouTube for a Billion dollars. Yes, that’s billion with a giant capital “B.” Basically that’s 6 times Viacom’s annual revenue and about 2/3 of what Google paid when they bought YouTube a few years back. Viacom is suing YouTube because someone discovered that the managers and employees of YouTube were turning a blind eye to the copyrighted material Read More »

You Get What You Pay For: 4 Things to Know Before You Pick an SEO Partner

October 19, 2009 0 Comments

There’s a great little mp3 player by SanDisk; 4gig capacity, ultra small, perfect for the gym, and it costs around $50. A bunch of tech reviewers put it on their top choice lists. There’s one small snag, it slightly distorts the music. There’s an ever-so-slight pitch change, nearly impossible to hear with the naked ear, but pretty noticeable when you hook it Read More »

Maybe it’s Time to Pivot: 4 Ways that Being Flexible Can Lead To Success

October 16, 2009 2 Comments

As entrepreneurs, we almost never get it right from the start. Most of the ideas we bring into the world aren’t spectacular from the beginning. An idea may begin with “I want to run a bakery” and over time it evolves into “I want to sell organic, gluten free, cookies at local farmers’ markets,” and then evolves further into a delivering your Read More »

Winning Friends and Influencing People in the 21st Century

October 2, 2009 1 Comments

Carnegie advocated a new approach to leadership based on friendship and mutual understanding. He championed a special brand of civility and even-handedness that contrasted greatly with the take-all-you-can-grab attitude of the Robber Barons in his time. Unfortunately, a lot of our internet culture seems to have lost touch with the “winning friends” approach. We read about Steve Ballmer screaming at the top Read More »