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If it’s Not Building Links, Do You Still Tweet?

September 25, 2009 6 Comments

About a year ago, Twitter instituted a no follow policy for all of the links on the site. Every link on Twitter is prevented from passing along the SEO juice to the sites it links to. Whether you believe that Twitter did this to curb spam on the system, or that they just cowed to Google’s demands, the change effectively negated much Read More » – Your Social Networking Virtual Assistant

August 14, 2009 4 Comments

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal assistant JUST to send updates to your social networking sites? Don’t you wish you had ONE easy tool that would automatically update your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts ALL at once? You don’t have to look any further because you can find all that and MORE with this free and user-friendly service. is Read More »

OnlyWire – How to Save Time and Promote Your Business Quickly

August 13, 2009 4 Comments

Who has the time during their busy week to run down the LONG list of bookmarking sites? Are you tired of spending hours submitting your content to social bookmarking sites? There’s one quick, easy answer to your social networking dilemma and it’s called OnlyWire. OnlyWire is a one-stop shopping auto-bookmarking tool. It makes it easy for companies to automatically send web content Read More »

Guest Blogging – Get Exposure, Links and Fame

July 22, 2009 1 Comments

You’ve finally figured out the ins and outs of your blog. However, you are missing out on a HUGE blogging secret – guest blogging! This is one of the best and easiest ways to promote your blog (and your company). The idea behind guest blogging is to contact other bloggers in your industry and offer to send them “exclusive” content for their Read More »

iTunes Podcast Marketing – How to Use iTunes Marketing to Promote Your Company

July 14, 2009 3 Comments

Steve Jobs is a smart guy. He was way ahead of the hi-tech game when he launched the iPod, Apple’s digital music player, in 2001. By 2007, 100 million units were shipped worldwide. Apple then introduced the iTouch and iPhone. If you think about HOW many people own an iPod, iTouch or iPhone, that’s BILLIONS of people worldwide downloading music and podcasts. Read More »

Facebook Pages – Make Your Own and Show It to the World

July 14, 2009 2 Comments

Facebook is one of the hottest social networking sites online. Facebook pages literally give companies a social networking “face.” Facebook pages show off your company, products and services to MILLIONS of Facebook users across the world. Why You Need a Facebook Page You can create a “Fan” page for any topic, group, business profile etc. It’s almost like a virtual “meeting” place Read More »

Blog Viral Marketing – Promoting Your Blog Through Word of Mouth

July 10, 2009 3 Comments

Word of mouth marketing (WOM) gives people a reason to talk about your products and services. If you want to create a BUZZ, word of mouth marketing is the best way to promote your business. WOM is the act of building strong consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-marketer communications. WOM also makes people want to talk about your company – you empower people and give Read More »

How To Create a Successful Online Community

July 9, 2009 0 Comments

You just set up your brand new forum on vBulletin and you’re ready to take the online community by storm. So you have the forum ready to go, but where’s the traffic and members? A successful online community doesn’t happen overnight. Your company can be on the online community map in no time IF you have powerful tools to build successful forums. Read More »

Video Blogging – Why You Need to Start Adding Video to Your Blog

July 8, 2009 0 Comments

Congratulations – you finally figured out how to use WordPress! You just finished that compelling blog post and even know how to promote it. Just when you thought you were a master blogger, the blogging world threw you a new curveball – it’s called video blogging (vlogging or vidblogging). The online community is VISUAL – audiences like images and fast, moving action Read More »

Professional Netiquette Tips – How to Make the A-List in Social Networking

June 25, 2009 0 Comments

Don’t take after the D-Lister public relations practitioner with his bad Twitter netiquette. He angered his Fed Ex client with his negative tweet about Memphis, Fed Ex’s home location. As a result, the PR agency lost Fed Ex as their client. Unfortunately, Fed Ex was one of their highest paying clients—ouch! Mr. Slap-on-the-Hand Tweeter learned a hard lesson about proper netiquette and Read More »