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I’m Begging: Do This One Thing for Your Business!

January 28, 2014 1 Comments

Over the last year I have fallen in love. I have fallen in love with Google Remarketing Ads. There are few things I would consider a “no-brainer” in digital marketing for almost any website. Remarketing is one of those things and I am begging you to use it for your business. If you are reading this article there is a great chance Read More »

Case Study: How Quadrupled their Web Leads

October 26, 2012 2 Comments

Client Profile Click 4 Compliance is a B2B company selling online courses for corporate compliance and ethics training. The Problem Their Google AdWords campaign wasn’t receiving enough conversions, and they were paying too much for visitors that did convert. Our Goal To increase conversions, reduce the cost of those conversions, and do so within the same budget. Strategies Taken 1. Removed all Read More »

FREE Webinar: Google AdWords Advanced Tactics

April 11, 2011 1 Comments

Have you been playing around Google AdWords and are ready to take it to the next level? Join me on this webinar. It’ll be awesome. WARNING: If you don’t know anything about Pay per Click marketing, this webinar could be way too advanced for you. What You’ll Learn: Keyword research for the search network and the display network How to structure your Read More »

FREE Webinar: Keyword Research

April 4, 2011 0 Comments

Keyword research is the most important component of any Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click campaign. Good keyword research will lay the foundation for a successful campaign and big profits. Bad research will result in you wasting time and money, chasing keywords that either don’t make you any money or are too difficult or expensive. In this webinar I’ll show you Read More »

Click Your Way to the Bank: How to Write Great Calls To Action

September 2, 2009 0 Comments

Landing Pages and Calls to Action The most important part of any online campaign is the call to action. A call to action is a simple request for your audience to take the next step. The easiest thing to do is use a “Buy Now” button, but you’re probably losing out on a lot of conversions if all you’re doing is asking Read More »

Pay per Click Marketing Secrets – All You Need to Know to Manage Your Own PPC Campaign

January 19, 2009 6 Comments

Although Google and Yahoo claim that managing Pay per Click campaign is easy, we strongly disagree. Sure, opening an account, choosing some keywords, and setting up a budget is a piece of cake. But making more money than the campaign is costing you is a real challenge. This article will provide you with a great insight on some advanced techniques that we Read More »

The Definitive Guide to GROWING Your Business During the Economic Crisis

December 11, 2008 0 Comments

You might be wondering why I wrote the word “GROWING” in all caps. Because that is exactly what you need to be doing right now. Many business owners freak out and they hide in their caves waiting for the bad times to pass by. That doesn’t make any sense. If you are just waiting until you see the light at the end Read More »

Why Most People Fail to Make Money Online

December 9, 2008 3 Comments

Internet is, in my opinion, the best tool ever invented. I just love it. It has made starting companies a lot easier. However, most Internet companies fail to make any money. Why is that? Is starting an online business different from starting any other business? Yes and no. Yes, the technologies change. And no, most basic principles still apply. You still need Read More »

The 10 Most Common Web Design Mistakes

December 4, 2008 1 Comments

After redesigning over 100 websites I now have a pretty good idea about the most common web design mistakes. If your site is making some of these mistakes, fix them now! Otherwise, you are leaving money on the table every single day. Bad Layout Your navigation and layout have to be simple, obvious, and intuitive. If you expect your visitors to figure Read More »

All the Secrets to Getting a Lot of Traffic Using Google AdWords

November 18, 2008 2 Comments

If you offer a great product, have good marketing on your website, and your prices are reasonable, Pay-Per-Click is one of the best investments you will ever make. That is, if the person who takes care of your campaign knows what he is doing. This is the same step by step system that we use to manage our clients’ Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Step Read More »