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How to Go “All Highlander” on Revenue

June 11, 2014 2 Comments

I learned something from a Pay-Per-Click colleague the other day that I thought was fascinating. I asked her about her pay-per-click management philosophy. She said she chooses a keyword group to go “all Highlander on.” In other words, there can be only one. She explained that part of her strategy is picking the most successful and profitable keyword group and focusing intensely Read More »

FREE Seminar: 7 Proven Tactics to Promote Your Portland Business

July 27, 2011 0 Comments

Do you own a business in Portland? In this seminar I’ll show you 7 simple ways to increase your revenue.   View more presentations from zcamusio This is what you’ll learn: How to rank your website #1 on Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local. A proven tactic to promote your business on Facebook Places (you’re going to love this one!) The Read More »

FREE Webinar: Mastering Google Analytics

June 30, 2011 2 Comments

Do you want to learn to use Google Analytics like a pro? You don’t want to miss this webinar.         Google Analytics Tutorial from Zeke Camusio on Vimeo.   Google analytics webinar   View more presentations from zcamusio   You’ll learn: How to set up goals so you can start tracking conversions (unless you do this, you’ll have no Read More »

FREE Webinar: Advanced Link Building Tactics

April 18, 2011 0 Comments

Do you want to learn how to build the type of quality links that will rank your website #1 on Google? Sign up for my free webinar and I’ll show you everything you need to know about link building! What You’ll Learn: How to discover how many links are pointing to your site and your competitor’s site The 10 immutable laws of Read More »

FREE SEO Seminar in Portland, OR

April 6, 2011 3 Comments

Do you want to learn how to rank your website #1 on Google? In the last 10 years I’ve taken 200+ websites to the top of Google and at this seminar I’ll be sharing everything I know about SEO. .   SEO – April 2011 View more presentations from zcamusio What You’ll Learn Keyword Research How to find the keywords your potential Read More »

FREE Webinar: Keyword Research

April 4, 2011 0 Comments

Keyword research is the most important component of any Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click campaign. Good keyword research will lay the foundation for a successful campaign and big profits. Bad research will result in you wasting time and money, chasing keywords that either don’t make you any money or are too difficult or expensive. In this webinar I’ll show you Read More »

FREE Webinar: SEO for Local Businesses

March 13, 2011 2 Comments

Last year Google changed the way they show local results and in doing so, gave local businesses the upper hand. Now not only can a local businesses compete with the huge multi-national corporations, they can dominate them! I’ll show how to leverage your Google Places listing to get more customers and beat even the largest multinational competition. . Here’s the recording for Read More »

FREE Webinar: Competitive Analysis For SEO

February 28, 2011 1 Comments

Imagine trying to drive to a town you’ve never been to without any map or directions. It would be pretty hard, wouldn’t it? Yet that’s exactly how most people do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They don’t have a roadmap to see where they are, where they’re going to and how to get there. I’ll show you how to create a roadmap for Read More »

Spam Wars: What You Can Learn From the Battle Between Search Engines and Spammers.

October 29, 2009 3 Comments

You’ve probably typed a search term into your favorite engine and clicked an ad to discover a site with absolutely no information, but tons and tons of links. These sites are called link farms and are part of the global campaign to fool search engines. The business model is pretty simple; an unsuspecting web browser stumbles on their link farming site and Read More »

One of the Locals: How to Improve Your Local Search Rankings

October 27, 2009 1 Comments

Many businesses aren’t global by definition. Realtors, Chiropractors, Insurance agents, Restaurants, Hair Stylists, and many other local service providers count on local traffic for their business. It used to be very hard for local businesses to compete with global search giants, Pottery Barn would beat out any local furniture store, and what restaurant could compete with Olive Garden. Luckily, the search engines Read More »