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12 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Efforts

June 26, 2014 0 Comments

Whether you are just starting to use social media for your business or you are a seasoned pro, here are 12 tips that will help you take your social media efforts to the next level.   1. Be Consistent Consistency is key when building and engaging community regardless of social media platform. Do not post 5 things one day and then wait Read More »

Protecting Your Kids: 6 Tips Online Predators Will Hate

October 24, 2013 0 Comments

Last week, KOIN 6 News in Portland asked us to address the topic of keeping kids safe online. We feel this important topic is one that we don’t talk about enough. Watch the interview below, followed by 6 tips for protecting your kids online. 6 Tips for Protecting Your Kids Online Start Early As soon as your child expresses an interest in Read More »

13 Pre-Launch Essentials for Your New Website

August 29, 2013 7 Comments

Launching a new website can be stressful. There are many things to take into consideration and it’s common to forget several easy-to-implement, high-impact items. If you want your new website to soar, it’s important you have everything dialed in from the get-go. Use the following as a sort of “new website checklist” prior to launch: 1. Install Analytics It doesn’t have to Read More »

How Facebook is Changing the Game for Brands in 2013

March 22, 2013 0 Comments

Facebook is changing the social media game once again. We have watched over the years as the social giant has rolled out new features for both brands and users. This year is no different. With over 1 billion users and counting, the network offers the biggest bank of social data on the Web. These new functions will ultimately make Facebook a more Read More »

3 Groundbreaking Social Media Marketing Insights for 2013

January 25, 2013 0 Comments

The digital marketing landscape is becoming more segmented, saturated and overly challenging. At this point, social media is mainstream. Most of your competitors are probably marketing on social media, producing content and managing a community. It’s not enough to just cover the basics. You need to step up your game to survive. These insights will help you break the barrier to brand Read More »

Marketing on Pinterest – Video

January 15, 2013 0 Comments

Last week, we covered Pinterest marketing on Digital Aptitude TV. This video is a recap of the topics and strategies covered. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below. We will have more on Pinterest throughout the year. Enjoy!

Case Study: How Sidecca Amplified Brand Exposure with Social Media

October 31, 2012 2 Comments

Client Profile Sidecca is a national apparel retailer focused on female fashion for rockabilly, rave and alternative styles. The Problem Sidecca sells products online and in eight brick and mortar locations. The brand faced challenges in gaining awareness among their target consumer groups due to large competitors including Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters. Goals The social media team at Digital Aptitude set Read More »

4 Features To Optimize Your Facebook Content Strategy

August 9, 2012 5 Comments

It’s a beautiful day in the world of social media marketing. Your content strategy just got easier and your brand just became more engaging. If you are using Facebook as the heavy hitter platform to carry your content strategy, there is always a need to optimize content posts. Whether you are a beginner in the game or a social marketing guru, these Read More »

5 Ways to Win With Facebook Timeline

March 23, 2012 5 Comments

There has been mixed reviews of Facebook’s Timeline for brand pages. While the upgrade adds some new functionality for content distribution, many marketers are still complaining. In essence, the Timeline forces community managers to have an actual content strategy. Before, it was as simple as slapping a fan gate or default page with some cheesy offer to generate fans. Was this really Read More »

6 Tips to Succeed in Social Media

February 9, 2009 0 Comments

In the last year, social media has become very popular. Everybody is talking about it and almost every online marketer has used it. However, most of them have failed at it. Why? They just don’t get the way it works. I am about to share with you some of the things we discovered promoting over 80 clients using social media. Don’t Steal Read More »